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    Monthly printed tabs for your custom planner.  This product adds a printed block on the leading (unbound) edge of each page of your planner, and these printed blocks are positioned like tabs to run down the vertical length of the book.  You can see the Printed Tab along the edge of your book, making it easy to flip straight to the current month.  Although Printed Tabs do not add a physical tab to the book, they do make navigating through your planner much easier.

    The Printed Tabs will be coordinated to your planner background.  If you have special requests, please enter them in the "Order Notes" section on the cart page.

    If you are looking for physical tabs for your planner, check out our page on DIY Custom Planner Tabs.

  • Custom Planner Printed Monthly Tabs
  • Custom Monthly Tabs Printed in Planner

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