Tabs for Custom Planners

One of the most frequent questions we get is "Do your planners have monthly tabs?"

There are lots of ways to add tabs to your planner.  Here are some of our favorites:



Add our "Printed Tabs" product to your planner.  

This product adds a printed block on the leading (unbound) edge of each page, and these printed blocks are positioned like tabs to run down the vertical length of the book.  You can see the Printed Tab along the edge of your book, making it easy to flip straight to the current month.  Although these Printed Tabs do not add a physical tab to the book, they do make navigating through your planner much easier.




Create your own labels using our templates or washi tape.

We were inspired by this darling tutorial from Canadian Living using washi tape to create planner tabs.

We love the mix-and-match look of these washi tape tabs, but if you want tabs to match your planner background or cover, download our custom planner tab templates.  

Portable Size Custom Planner Tab Template

Desk Size Custom Planner Tab Template

You can print your choice of backgrounds from these templates onto adhesive paper (like a label).  You will cut the tabs out of your print and then affix them to your planner by placing one tab on the right-hand edge of your page, turning the page, and placing another tab onto the back of the first, lining them up so that the adhesive matches and the tab hangs off the edge of your page just a bit.  If you don't have adhesive material, you can print onto regular paper and glue the tab together.  Keep in mind that these tabs will get a lot of use, so you may want to search for a more durable material, like a vinyl or weatherproof label, that will work with your home printer.  You can also fold the tab directly over the edge of the page, with no extra hanging out of the planner.  This will allow you to feel the tabs when you are flipping through your planner, without the damage caused to tabs that sit outside of the main planner book.



Use paperclips as tabs.  

You can find many paperclip tabs like the tabs pictured below (available from JolieSamuel on Etsy) or you can make your own using stickers, buttons, or ribbon.  You can even use the backgrounds available in our Custom Planner Tab Template files above to create paperclip tabs that match your planner background.  



Purchase your tabs.  There are many products available using keywords like "adhesive monthly tabs", "tab stickers", "adhesive index tabs", or "printable plastic tabs".  You can use our Custom Planner Tab Template files (available above on this page) to create printouts to fill in blank tabs that match your planner background or cover.

Option 5

Use a planner bookmark.  The DayTimer Wire Bound Page Locator in the "Journal" size fits our Portable Size Wire Bound Planners perfectly.