What makes these custom planners different? 

Have you ever stood in a store looking at a long aisle of planners and agendas, wondering why you can't find exactly what you want in a sea of choices?  Well, I have, and I decided to create a website to solve the problem.  Every single one of these layouts works with all of our backgrounds, additional pages, covers and sizes.  You can create a truly custom planner here, guaranteed to make sure that you get every item on your to-do list done a day early!  (Well, maybe not, but we do think that a good system helps you to be more productive.)

How do I make my own custom planner?  

There is an easy, 5 step process to make your own organizer, which is outlined below.

Step #1 - Select your planner pages.
  • These pages form the backbone of your planner.  Choose from Weekly, One Page Daily, or Two Page Daily formats.
  • Within each format we offer several different layouts.  Do you like to have space to take notes every day?  A line for every hour to keep track of your appointments?  A separate area for the activities of each one of your busy kiddos?  Everyone has their own system for keeping track of their life, and we provide a variety of layouts so that each page provides just what you want.
  • Select your favorite page layout, then add a background, add your name to the planner, and customize your binding options.
  • Choose from two different sizes
    • Portable - 5.5" x 8.5" - For planners on the go, this is the best choice. Half the size of a letter-size page, this format provides a fantastic mix of portability and ease of use.
    • Desk - 8.5" x 11" - This large planner size is best for planners that live on desks and don't do too much traveling.  Easy to use in standard notebooks and binders, this page size gives you lots of space for easy-to-see organization.
Step #2 - Customize your the look of your planner pages.
  • On the product page for your planner pages, you will find a variety of options to customize the way your planner looks and feels.
  • A great design can make looking at your planner a pleasure, even when your to-do list is running off the bottom of the page.  Our designs run the gamut from whimsical to professional, elegant to inspirational.  Or, if you are a true minimalist, let your organizational skills stand out on our plain white backgrounds.
  • All of our planner pages and additional pages are available in all of our backgrounds, so you will never have to choose between looks and functionality.  However, you are not restricted to a one-background planner - every type of page that you add can have its own background.
Step # 3 - Choose how you would like to have your planner bound.
  • Your planner will be professionally printed and bound, and our cover and binding options add a professional touch that you will not find with any "print at home" planner.  
  • Twin-wire binding, offered on our weekly formats, is wonderful for planners, as it is sturdy enough to last all year, and it allows you to flip your planner all the way open for easy writing on both sides of the page.  
  • We cover your planner in a stipple-finish stock that is French-folded for added stability.  You can choose from a full color design that matches your interior pages, a separate design, or a solid white cover.  We don't think you will find anything that looks and feels nicer anywhere.  However, if you have a beloved binder or folio that you have been using for years, we can hole-punch your planner pages to fit.  You can preview your Cover and Binding Options here.
Step #4 - Additional Pages
  • We know that you use your planner for more than just daily schedules.  For that reason, we offer additional pages that you can add to your planner to increase your productivity.
  • Additional pages can be added in any location within your planner, in any combination of pages.  You can choose to have yoru background match throughout your planner, or you can have a different look for each type of page.  
  • New designs are added often, and layouts range from note paper to food logs to class schedules.  Don't see what you need? Contact Us to let us know; we would love to create a custom page for you. 

I still don't see what I am looking for.  Can you create a custom page just for me?

We love to create custom pages!  Do you need a specialty page to keep track of a specific project?  Weekly pages with space to note your dog's schedule?  Custom calendars for your group or organization?  Browse real examples of custom planners that we have created recently for teams, schools, and individuals to get inspired, and then Contact us.  We are excited to help you get started.

How long will it take to get my custom planner?

For planners from our "Most Popular" collection, please allow 5 business days for planner personalization and printing.  We will ship your planner to you after it is completed, so it may take 10 days from the time you order to the time you receive your custom planner.
For customized planners, please allow 7 business days for planner customization and printing.  We will ship your planner to you after it is completed, so it may take 15 days from the time you order to the time you receive your custom planner.
For custom backgrounds or layouts, we will work with you on the project and keep you informed about a timeline as we go.

Can I print my own planner?

Nope.  Your custom planner will be professionally printed and bound.  You won't be able to achieve these fantastic results on any home printer.  We know that you will see and feel the difference at once.

Does my planner come with tabs?

Our standard planners do not come with tabs.  You can add "Printed Tabs" to your planner as an additional feature, or we can suggest alternative options if you prefer a physical tab.  Read more about our Monthly Tabs for Custom Planners.

Does www.planmyplanner.com have a privacy policy?

Yes!  Click here for our Privacy Policy.