Create a Custom Designed Planner

Plan My Planner loves to create custom planners for schools, groups, teams, or busy people.  With unlimited design options, friendly and helpful designers, and professional printing, our custom planners are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to get more out of their planner.  Below you will find real examples of planners that we have created recently for teams, schools, and individuals.  Browse this page for inspiration, then contact us to create your own planner.  Scroll to the bottom to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Weekly Green Paisley
Weekly To-Do List Custom Planner Page with "Tabs"
Tracking Worksheet Custom Planner Page
Red Carnation Weekly Planner Page with "Tabs" and Notes
Weekly Planner with Apple Green Floral Background
Rainbow Bright Weekly Planner with To-Do Lists and Quotes
Two Page Menu Planner with Grocery List modified with Custom Labels
Monthly Planner with Preschool Artwork and Custom Dates
Daily Planner with Notes Section and Custom Dates with Coral Dots Background
Columns Weekly Planner modified with Times and Notes with Butterflies background
Are you ready to start planning?  We are, too!  Do you have a sketch of your dream planner?  We would love to see it!  Don't know where to begin?  We would love to help you figure it all out.  Contact Us to get started!  
Did you see a background that you would love to use on one of our standard planner layouts?  Let us know with a note in the "Additional Comments" section on the cart page.



Custom Planner FAQs

Q: How much do custom planners cost?

A: That depends on the layout of the planner and also on the scale of the design work.  For minor tweaks to a layout or background, the pricing will be the same as the pricing listed on our website.  For major projects, we charge a design fee of 20% of the price of a similar standard planner.  For example, our weekly planners in the Portable size are $35.99.  The design fee for a custom weekly page would be no higher than $7.20.  Of course, we will keep you informed about the pricing as we go through the project.

Q: Do you have a minimum or maximum order?

A: Nope!  1 or 1,000 - you can purchase just as many planners as you need.

Q:  How long does a custom planner take?

A:  It depends a bit on the complexity of the project, but most custom planners take 1-3 weeks for the design work, and then about a week more for printing and shipping.  We try to respond to all requests within 2 business days, and we try to turn revisions around within 2 business days.  

Q:  Who designs my planner?

A:  We do it together with you!  This is a small company with real people behind the website, so you will be communicating directly with the person designing your planner.  
Q: How do we get started?
A: Let's go!  Contact us via this form, and we will get started creating the planner of your dreams.